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Personal Injury


– J.D. from University of Southern California School of Law (USC) – 2003

– B.A. in Political Science from the University of California, California (UCLA) – 2000


Born and raised in California, Sahm originally intended to practice medicine. During his junior year, while working on a pre-med degree at UCLA, Mr. Manouchehri decided to switch gears and instead pursue a law degree after realizing his medical understanding could be of benefit to those in personal injury legal matters. After completing his undergraduate studies at UCLA, Mr. Manouchehri attended USC School of Law where he took courses on litigation and injury law with the intention of becoming a prominent personal injury attorney.

After graduating from USC, Mr. Manouchehri joined Tharpe & Howell LLP as an associate attorney. Mr. Manouchehri specialized in defending the interests of insurance companies against victims with injuries caused by truck and auto accidents through no fault of their own. Following this role, Mr. Manouchehri took an associate position at Wilson, Kenna & Borys LLP where he represented business establishments that had been sued by persons injured while on their property, continuing to represent insurance companies.

The years Mr. Manouchehri spent at both of these law firms gave him invaluable insights into the inner workings of personal injury litigation and the self-interests of insurance organizations. This experience was crucial to providing Mr. Manouchehri with the perspective needed to represent CPLG’s injured clients’ claims against the type of insurance companies that he once represented.

In 2006, Mr. Manouchehri left Wilson, Kenna & Borys, LLP to start his own personal injury law practice. In 2013, Mr. Manouchehri co-founded Century Park Law Group with the exclusive goal of representing injured clients.


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