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Personal Injury


– J.D. from University of Southern California School of Law (USC) – 2003

– B.A. in Political Science from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) – 2000


Sahm Manouchehri was originally pre-med at UCLA where he majored in Biology with the intention of attending medical school.  However, he realized that health insurance companies were destroying the medical profession by handcuffing doctors’ ability to treat their patients.  Accordingly, Sahm decided to change course during his junior year to the field of law with the intention of helping injured persons in another way.  Namely, by representing them against the same insurance companies because of their injuries caused by another.  After UCLA, Sahm attended USC School of Law where he took courses on litigation and injury law with the understanding that he would one day practice personal injury law.

Upon graduating from USC School of Law, Sahm took an associate position at Tharpe & Howell LLP where he specialized in defending persons through their insurance companies who had caused trucking and auto accidents.  Thereafter, Sahm took an associate position at Wilson, Kenna & Borys LLP where he represented business establishments that had been sued by persons that had been injured while on their property, Thus, Sahm represented companies and individuals through their insurance companies against persons that had been injured.  This representation provided Sahm the invaluable experience of learning how insurance companies functioned, defended claims, and valuated injuries.  This experience was invaluable to providing Sahm the insight to present our injured clients’ claims to the same insurance companies that Sahm once represented.

In 2006, Sahm left Wilson, Kenna & Borys, LLP to start his own personal injury practice and to use his experience and knowledge to represent injured persons.  In 2013, Sahm co-founded Century Park Law Group, APLC with the exclusive goal of assisting clients who have been injured.