Car Accident Claims Lawyer: Why Your Car Insurance Is Not on Your Side

Finding a Car Accident Claims Lawyer

A good lawyer should always instruct their client not speak to either their or the other car’s insurance company.


The simple reason is that neither insurance company is interested in assisting the client.

Why Car Insurance Is Necessary, but Not Enough

When you have been in a car accident the insurance for the other car is attempting to dispute liability, and if they cannot do that then it’s their goal to pay as little as possible to make the claim go away, regardless of how injured the client is.

Yes, It’s Your Car Insurance Company Too

Similarly, your own insurance company is also attempting to do and pay as little as possible to make a potential claim against it go away as well. Your own insurance becomes involved if you have underinsured (“UIM”) and/or uninsured motorist (“UM”) coverage.*

Simply put, no insurance company is on your side. 

*Explanation of UIM and UM coverage will be left for another blog but the point is that your own insurance company might end up having a claim for additional damages brought against it. This is precisely why advise our clients to never speak to any insurance company without speaking to us first.