Car Accident Lawyer Advice: Uninsured Motorist Coverages

Hidden Limits

What many clients do not understand is that the settlement of a case against another driver can depend on the limits of insurance of the other car.

Minimum Coverage is not Enough

Unfortunately, California law prescribes that a car needs to only have $15,000 in insurance. For catastrophic injury cases, this in no way pays for all the medical bills, let alone for the client’s pain and suffering.

Uninsured Motorist Coverages

Therefore, it is highly important to maintain underinsured (“UIM”) and/or uninsured motorist (“UM”) coverages. What these mean is that if the other car does not have enough insurance to pay for all of your damages then your insurance will pay the difference.

Once again we say… your insurance is not on your side (cue jingle).

Unfortunately, many insurance brokers do not discuss this with their clients, thereby not offering it to them. We offer free consultations to both clients and non-clients to review their insurance policies to ensure that they have proper insurance coverage.

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