Truck Accident Attorney California: Truck Accident 101

When looking for a Truck Accident Attorney in California, there are a few basic things you should know about truck accidents before you start the hiring process.

1. Why Truck Accidents are Unique:

Although trucking accidents legally fall under “motor vehicle negligence,” there is nothing simple or ordinary about trucking accidents. The simple fact is that the incredibly large mass of a tractor (aka “big rig”), particularly if it is pulling a trailer, will cause even a slow speed accident to cause catastrophic injuries.

2. Why Truck Accidents Typically have a Bigger Payout:

Physics can be complicated but in this regard it simple. Force equals mass times velocity (F = M x V).  Due to the high likelihood of a trucking accident causing catastrophic injuries, it is imperative that a great accident attorney determine all avenues of liability as even $750,000.00 will most likely not make the injured person whole to pay for all of the medical bills, lost earnings, and destruction of their life as they knew it.

This is why a big rig truck is required to maintain at least $750,000.00 in insurance while a regular car is only required to maintain $15,000.00.

3. Why the Driver is Never the Only One at Fault During a Truck Accident:

Based on the above, an injured person must ensure that their lawyer is aware that the sole defendant is not just the trucking company and the truck driver. Rather, the logistics company that hired the truck driver, the government entity that maintained the roadway, and even the customer that the load is being transported for may all have liability under certain circumstances.

Accordingly, make sure your lawyer understands trucking law before you hire him or her.   You can call us 24 hours a day for a free consultation or to provide a second opinion on your active case.