What to do if the Uber or Lyft You are Riding In Crashes with Another Car

We have all heard about passengers in Uber or Lyft vehicles getting the runaround from insurance companies when it comes to their medical expenses. Despite these reports, ridesharing is increasingly popular, especially in major cities. So what should you do if you are a passenger in an Uber or Lyft and are involved in an auto accident?

What to do As an Uber or Lyft Passenger

If you are riding in an Uber or Lyft and the driver crashes with another car, of course, your first concern is getting medical treatment for any injuries. After the initial shock calms down and you can think clearly, you will likely ask questions like:

Who pays for your injuries?

Who is liable for your injuries and expenses depends largely on who was at-fault. If the Uber or Lyft driver was at-fault, then their auto insurance coverage will be the primary responsible party. Uber and Lyft also carry insurance policies designed to cover those injured in an accident, though this process is complicated and highly contested.

Was the driver insured?

All drivers are required to have auto insurance, but most states do not require specialized policies for rideshare drivers. This means that if the other driver is insured, there is no guarantee that their coverage will be enough to compensate you for your injuries.

What if the other driver was at-fault?

If the other driver (not an Uber or Lyft driver) was at-fault, then his or her personal auto insurance would be primarily responsible for covering your expenses. Again, there is no guarantee that any driver has adequate coverage, or even minimum coverage.

Should I contact an attorney?

Yes! Laws surrounding ridesharing companies, insurance, and liability are new, and working through an accident claim is difficult. This is why it is so important to contact an Uber/Lyft accident attorney following an accident, regardless of who was at-fault, or what insurance coverage anyone involved may have.