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What to Avoid when Dealing with the Other Driver’s Insurance Company

After an auto accident, you may have to communicate with your insurance company and that of the other driver. Insurance companies can be helpful in getting compensation for your medical bills and property damage. However, your contact with the other driver’s insurance company should be strategic.

Can You File a Personal Injury Claim Against Law Enforcement?

Law enforcement officers of all ranks are given a great deal of discretion when it comes to managing situations. The goal is always to protect the safety of everyone around them, including any suspected criminals. Unfortunately, sometimes suspects and bystanders are injured in law enforcement activities.

Does My Immigration Status Matter when Filing a Personal Injury Claim?

Immigration status is one of the main reasons why injured victims often refrain from taking legal action. Here at Century Park Law Group, we are commonly asked if immigration status matters in personal injury matters. The answer is a bit more complicated than a simple “yes” or “no”, though ultimately, anyone residing in the borders of the United States should be protected by the Fourteenth Amendment.

What Should I Do if I was Injured at a Sports Venue?

Attending a sports event is exciting. The energy flowing through massive venues is palpable. For sports enthusiasts, visiting a sports venue is an unbelievable adventure. Unfortunately for many spectators, the field, court, or track isn’t the only place where injuries can happen.

The Truth About Pet Bite Injuries

Across the United States, households have all sorts of pets. While the topic of pet bite injuries often leads to dog bites, the fact is that pet bites can include a wide variety of animals. In turn, these bites can lead to an assortment of injuries and possible side effects.

How the Freeway Service Patrol Can Help You

If you frequent Los Angeles County roadways, you have likely seen the Metro Freeway Service Patrol trucks. In fact, you may be one of the more than seven million drivers the Freeway Service Patrol has assisted over the past five years.

What to do if the Uber or Lyft You are Riding In Crashes with Another Car

We have all heard about passengers in Uber or Lyft vehicles getting the runaround from insurance companies when it comes to their medical expenses. Despite these reports, ridesharing is increasingly popular, especially in major cities. So what should you do if you are a passenger in an Uber or Lyft and are involved in an auto accident?

News: Insurance Companies’ Attempt to Further Limit Your Compensation through AB 2429

Assemblywoman Ana Caballero has proposed legislation to the California legislature to further protect insurance companies from having to pay monetary compensation when a person has been injured. AB 2429 seeks to do so by requiring claimants to provide insurance companies with irrelevant/personal information and excessive time to respond to demands after a person has completed their medical care and their full damages have been ascertained.

Car Accident Lawyer Advice: Uninsured Motorist Coverages

Hidden Limits What many clients do not understand is that the settlement of a case against another driver can depend on the limits of insurance of the other car. Minimum Coverage is not Enough Unfortunately, California law prescribes that a car needs to only have $15,000 in insurance. For catastrophic injury cases, this in no way pays for all the medical bills, let alone for the client’s pain and suffering.

Car Accident Claims Lawyer: Why Your Car Insurance Is Not on Your Side

Finding a Car Accident Claims Lawyer A good lawyer should always instruct their client not speak to either their or the other car’s insurance company. Why? The simple reason is that neither insurance company is interested in assisting the client.

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