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Truck Accident Attorney California: Truck Accident 101

When looking for a Truck Accident Attorney in California, there are a few basic things you should know about truck accidents before you start the hiring process. 1. Why Truck Accidents are Unique: Although trucking accidents legally fall under “motor vehicle negligence,” there is nothing simple or ordinary about trucking accidents. The simple fact is that the incredibly large mass of a tractor (aka “big rig”), particularly if it is pulling a trailer, will cause even a slow speed accident to cause catastrophic injuries.

What types of damages may victims recover after a car accident?

Victims of car accidents may be aware that compensation for damages suffered as a result of another party’s negligence may be available when a victim has been harmed. Some car accident victims may wonder, however, what different types of damages are available following a car accident. The answer is, essentially, that the legal system seeks to help victims recover compensation for losses and damages they have suffered as the result of the negligent actions of another party.

Teen drivers: Too many passengers may increase accident risk

Distracted driving is a prevalent problem among California teenagers, and many adults imagine that technology is a top source of distraction. However, statistics suggest that the role passengers – especially other teenagers – can play in car accidents should not be overlooked. A tragic accident recently highlighted the accident risk that teen drivers and their young passengers face.

Taking Charge In Auto Defect And Recall Situations

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has continued its aggressive stance toward the two biggest offenders in terms of auto defects in 2014. General Motors brought negative attention to itself and to the NHTSA with regard to an ignition switch defect that plagued certain models of its vehicles for more than a decade. Takata drew headlines for its defective airbags and for its lack of cooperation in the NHTSA investigation into the problem. Both cases made the NHTSA look bad and led to Senate Committee hearings into the safety organization.

Bike Week And Bike To Work Day

Bike Week California has seen any number of ways to encourage and celebrate biking for recreation and transportation. Tomorrow is National Bike to Work day. It is a fine time for motorists who cannot or choose not to participate directly in Bike Week to refresh their understanding of driving laws as they pertain to bicycles.

The New Target For Automotive Safety

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is coming through a time of upheaval. With a new leader installed and several controversies increasingly in the rearview mirror, the safety agency is beginning to look ahead. The recent activity gives some clue as to the direction of the NHTSA in enforcing its mission of reducing traffic accidents and making the roads safer.

The Intersection Of Distracted Driving And Motorcycle Accidents

April is Distracted Driving Awareness month. May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness month. The two issues are connected in more ways than their position on the calendar. Distracted driving is a danger to drivers, passengers, bicyclists, pedestrians and motorcyclists, alike. Accidents caused by inattentive drivers may be one-car accidents or multi-car pileups. The victims of these accidents do not fit a single profile. Everyone is vulnerable to distracted driving, but some are in more danger than others.

What Causes California Car Crashes?

There are things California drivers do well and things we could improve upon in the quest to reduce traffic fatalities to zero. The California Highway Patrol deals with car and truck accidents every day. They fill out accident reports and interview drivers and sometimes witnesses. They understand factors that are common to crashes. A CHP officer recently discussed the top five causes of California traffic accidents. Understanding what causes accidents should inform drivers what they need to be careful to avoid if they want to stay safe.

What are the laws for texting and driving in California?

A common issue among drivers in California is what the laws are regarding texting and driving. While it’s universally understood that being a distracted driver can lead to a car accident, injuries and fatalities, many drivers don’t think they’ll be the ones who are caught and punished. They don’t believe they’ll be in an accident that injures themselves and others. But for some Californians, those beliefs will prove unfounded.

When do California children need to be in a car seat?

A car accident can occur without much notice. When other drivers are not paying attention, are not following safety rules or are intoxicated, car wrecks are even more common. Even on short trips, people are at risk when they are in the car. The California Highway Patrol says that most accidents occur within one mile of a person’s home.

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