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Slip-and-fall and trip-and-fall accidents can result in extremely serious injuries that have the potential to impact victims’ lives for years into the future. When these accidents occur due to a property owner’s negligence, victims have the right to be fully compensated for their medical expenses and any other losses they suffer.

These are complex cases that require the attention of a dedicated Los Angeles premises liability attorney. At Century Park Law Group, our Southern California lawyers provide focused, results-oriented representation to people who have been injured in any type of slip-and-fall or trip-and-fall accident. We understand the property owner’s responsibility in these matters and we know how to protect your interests.

Building A Strong Case
In Support Of Your Claim For Damages

Under the law, a property owner can be held liable for injuries to visitors if a reasonable inspection would have shown the hazard that led to the accident. Many property owners will attempt to claim ignorance in these matters in an effort to avoid liability. We conduct a thorough investigation into these cases, gather all available evidence, and retain the foremost experts in order to present the most compelling possible case in support of your claim for compensation.

Constructive notice must be shown for these claims to be successful. Video evidence can be the most important evidence available in these cases, and many establishments purge footage after as little as 48 hours. By contacting our firm as soon as you are able to, we can get to work preserving valuable evidence that could prove the property owner’s negligence.

Contact CPLG For Immediate Assistance With Your Slip-And-Fall Injury Claim

We have successfully represented clients in a variety of slip-and-fall and trip-and-fall accidents, including those arising from wet spills, loose flooring or carpeting, debris in walkways, and many others. You can speak with a representative from our firm 24/7.

You can reach us by phone at 844-444-CPLG (2754) to speak with someone immediately. You can also contact us via email, and we will follow up with you by the next business day.