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Honest, fair, smart and always presents.
    Whenever I have any legal issue come up I always call Sahm. He is honest, fair, smart and always presents all sides to any issue I bring him, large or small. He has helped me with corporate issues, real estate issues and has given me referrals whenever a subject is outside of his expertise.
Iric F.
Always exceeds my expectations.
     Mr. Manouchehri always exceeds my expectations. He has represented me in a variety of situations and he is consistently impressive with his approach and results. His clarity of thought and superior critical thinking skills are extremely evident during every interaction with him. He is honest and friendly and I feel very fortunate to have him on my side.
– Raphael D., M.D., M.B.A., California, CA
Nelly L.
A couple of months ago while I was shopping at a store, I endured a personal injury to my back. Since I work in the medical field, I have heard of many cases where one does not experience immediate pain right then and there but with time, the injury can lead to something difficult to treat because immediate and proper care was not provided. Sure enough this was the case for me that when I woke up the next day. I had excruciating pain in my lower back that would radiate up my neck and down to my shoulders.
Michael H.
I just settled my case and CPLG was INCREDIBLE! They settled my case for the full policy limits without filing a lawsuit. Not only did they get me the max value on my case but they truly care for their clients. Sahm and his team ALWAYS responded to me when I had any questions. I wish that I could give them 10 stars. I can't properly express my gratitude in a post. Call them to review your case or for a second opinion. Believe me. They are the best!!! Love you CPLG.
Shannon H.
Just settled my case with CPLG, could not be more pleased with the services I received! I truly felt like I was taken care of here! Sahm Manoucheri and his staff are well equipped, professional and hands down the best team! Thank you for everything, will definitely be recommending friends and family to this business.
Rene A.
Great legal team ready to help and facilitate resolution with what could've been a long and painful arbitration process.
Grace L.
I can't say enough great things about Century Park Law Group! Sahm Manoucherhi is the #1 best injury lawyer in California. I had car accident and Sahm fought to the end to make sure that I won my case and got what I deserved. The ABSOLUTE BEST!!!
Daniel O.
Awesome!! this is one of the best places that I like Century Park Law Group team is amazing. Mr. Sam is awesome I appreciate everything you did for me he took care of my bills and my injuries thank you I appreciate that you are the best.
Arisbel M.
I refer all my friends and family to CPLG. Sahm M. is by far the best injury attorney I know. I am aware that he used to represent insurance companies when he first became a lawyer and I think that really helped him understand injury law. I recommend CPLG to all!!
Maria G.
I just settled my case today. CPLG was incredible and kept me informed throughout. I highly recommend them to everybody. We settled my slip and fall case without even having to file a lawsuit.
Nikki B.
Fortunately we met Sahm at an unfortunate time. He was very professional and responded to me anytime I had any questions. He got all my medical needs met with the best care and revolved our matter quickly. Thank you Century Park law group for all your help through our situation. I highly recommend them.
Debbie C.
I refer all friends and family to Sahm and CPLG. They are always responsive to all of my questions and take their time in explaining the good and bad about the facts of my case. I highly recommend CPLG to all.
Nicolas U.
Sahm and his team at Century Park Law Group provided me with a free consultation. Although he did not need to, he spent the time to explain to me the law. I would call him for a second opinion every time.
Steven M.
Century Park Law Group is a great firm with very skilled and talented attorneys! They represented my mother in a personal injury case involving a car accident. They kept us informed from the outset all the way through to the end, and worked aggressively to get us a very favorable settlement. I would highly recommend them!