It is common to hear reports and advice about preparing your car for winter, but what about summer? Does hot weather impact your car’s performance or safety? The answer is “yes.” Here is what you need to know about how hot weather can impact your car, and what you can do to keep your car running smoothly.

Air Conditioning

When it gets hot, of course, you want to run the air conditioning in your car to keep you and your passengers comfortable. But just like your home’s A/C unit, your car’s A/C unit needs to be routinely maintained. Your A/C should be checked for leaks, vents/filters should be cleaned, and belts checked for cracks.


Hot weather can impact the life of your car’s battery. If you drive more during the summer months, the extra wear can also wear down your battery life. Check your battery’s charge regularly, and inspect the terminals for corrosion.


The temperature outside affects your tire pressure. When hot tires hit even hotter pavement, it can result in a devastating blowout. Check your tires regularly to make sure they are properly inflated. If you have a leaky tire, or notice the tread is thin, it’s time to get them replaced.


As temperatures outside change, so can the level of the fluids you put in your car. Regularly check fluid levels – oil, coolant, antifreeze, transmission, power steering – and top them off if needed. Perform complete fluid changes as part of routine maintenance.

Be Aware

If you notice your car seems to be having more problems than usual, is running rough, or gas mileage has decreased, it may be a sign that the temperature outside is impacting performance. Be aware of possible problems and take steps to save yourself time and money down the road.

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